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Fogo brings together the artistic, scientific and project management talents and experience of two award-winning producers: Pierre and François Lamoureux. The Lamoureux Brothers excel in assembling the right creative, technical and management teams to ensure that your art survives technology whether it involves show design, film and/or audio production, visual projection design, lighting & stage design, event production or analog/digital audio & visual restoration and archiving.

It’s not just about 8k, 4k, HDR, 3D, HD, video mapping/projections, video screen content, holograms, virtual/augmented reality, theatrical screenings, streaming, broadcast, BluRay authoring, cover/poster art or touring and live concert production. It’s about ensuring that your story, your performance and your art are presented and/or captured in optimal ways so that it will translate to all live venue settings and/or broadcast and distribution media. You are delivering an extraordinary and compelling experience to the members of your audience whether they are standing in the first row or sitting in the back; whether they are experiencing it from their preferred device or in a distant movie theatre. From conception to production to rights exploitation, we can do it from beginning to end or start at any point along the way. It’s your legacy. Together we plan for it. Together we protect it.

Fogo. We define the word as artistic passion and vision, future proofing and Enhanced Intelligibility™ combined with common sense logistical, legal and financial planning all in one. Excellence attracts excellence. Excellence inspires and fosters excellence. That’s what Fogo does. That’s how Pierre & François Lamoureux work. Fogo is Where Art Survives Technology®

Also check out our sister company, FogoArts which specializes in Jazz, Opera, Dance, Symphonic/Classical Music.

Our Services

Audiovisual Production


Fogo has produced over 250 hours of television including four seasons (50+ episodes) of the Public Television series Front and Center and the inaugural and publicly acclaimed Speakeasy series. We have filmed on five continents. Our productions have aired all over the world and have won numerous awards including a Grammy Award, two Emmy Awards, two Gemini Awards, two Juno Awards and dozens of industry awards in addition to multiple nominations.

Core Services Include:
  • Television Productions
  • Concert Films
  • Documentary Films
  • Social Media & Promotional Segments
  • Music Videos
  • DVD, BluRay, 3D-BD, UDH Authoring & Design
  • Turn-key Production Services
  • Turn-key Post-Production Services

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Show Design & Live Event Production

We offer services from creative conception to technical execution and production, event management and logistics.

Core Services Include:
  • Lighting Design & Production
  • Screen Projection Concepts, Design & Production
  • Stage Design & Production
  • IMAG, Design, Integration and Production
  • Drones and Specialty Cameras
  • Laser Technologies
  • Augmented Reality Design & Production
  • Holographic Arts Design & Production
  • Architectural Lighting Design & Production
  • Concert Audio Production
  • Event Production and Management

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Audio Production
  • Remote Recordings
  • Studio Recordings
  • Mixing
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Mastering
  • Live Audio Production

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Virtual Reality

Fogo has been involved in Virtual Reality research and development since 2015. We have contributed to the development of stich-less flat imagery with minimal latency in 4k and 6k.  We have since filmed Opéra de Montréal (Another Brick in the Wall, Dialogues des Carmélites and La Bohème) as well as the 2016 Global Citizen Festival in 4K VR.


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Audio & Visual Restoration and Archive Management

Fogo has established itself as a center of excellence for analogue and digital media asset restoration and preservation. Extensive R&D, with Université de Montréal’s Polytechnique faculty, scientifically validated our workflows and processes. Since 2002, Fogo has managed the archives of the band Rush. Since then, we have restored all the band’s analogue and early digital formats, digitizing thousands of hours of music and video all while optimizing and “future proofing” the band’s content, ensuring maximum exploitation and monetizing opportunities for new releases and new uses such as video games and the latest digital platforms. Fogo has provided similar services for The National Archives of Canada, The University of Toronto, Universal Music Group, The Tragically Hip, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Harry Connick, Jr., olé Media Management and Cirque du Soleil among others.


We can playback and transfer all legacy analogue and digital audio formats with corresponding noise reduction systems. We also have legacy video/film playback and transfer capabilities. The machines we own and use, are in pristine condition, meticulously maintained and calibrated. Fogo has created a proprietary archive database that facilitates media storage and retrieval making the process time and cost efficient. When it comes to preserving your legacy, Fogo will meet and surpass your requirements and expectations. 



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Graphic Design

From album cover art and posters to DVD/BD menus, we can and often design for everything that we produce.

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Social Media Production and Management

You never have too many good photos or clips to sustain a presence on social media. Let us devise a social media strategy and related content material around your productions be it for Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube or Facebook. In this day and age, one must prepare and plan to best capitalize on opportunities and moments of spontaneity. It’s about the immediacy of targeting your audience by delivering compelling, entertaining and technically optimized content. Your freshly produced content needs to be logged and stored for easy retrieval.

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Broadcast Media Sales & Distribution

Fogo distributes many of its productions via Cinemusica, its sister company. Over the years, we have generated millions of dollars in broadcast license fees from all over the globe.

Please inquire within or visit www.cinemusica.tv

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